Pitchers & Decanters Pitchers & Decanters

About the Collection

This collection of pitchers and decanters features a variety of styles from sleek and modern metal to traditional, no-fuss beverage service in break-resistant plastic. Prepare a pitcher of sangria for a poolside afternoon, or pour tea, water or juice refills for your guests from either stainless steel or copper-plated pitchers.


  • Commercial Dishwasher Safe
  • Durable
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor service
  • Lightweight
  • Wide variety of shapes, sizes and fashion-forward styles
P-3034-PC- 33.8 oz. Polycarbonate Pitcher 9.88" Tall
MM-160- 1.6 qt. Double Wall Copper Pitcher
BW-1025-PC- 8.4 oz. Decanter
BW-1050-PC- 17 oz. Decanter
BW-1100-PC- 33.8 oz. Decanter
BW-1892- 64. oz. Decanter
LID-BW-1050- Lid for BW-1050
LID-BW-1100- Lid for BW-1100
P-3064-1- 64 oz. Pitcher w/Lid
LID-3064-1- Lid for P-3064
P-4090-PC- 90 oz. Pitcher
P-64- 64 oz. Stainless Steel Pitcher w/ Handle
P-4072-PC- 72 oz. Pitcher w/ Handle
P-4091-PC- 90 oz. Pitcher
P-4050-PC- 50 oz. Pitcher w/Lid
P-3032-1- 32 oz. Pitcher
P-2064-1- 60 oz. Pitcher
P-1064-1- 60 oz. Pitcher

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