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  • Commercial Dishwasher Safe
  • Titanium Plated Porcelain
  • Highly Resistant to Corrosion, Staining, Tarnishing, and Scratching
  • Food-, Freezer-, and Oven-Safe (up to 350°F)
CER-1203- 14" Dia. Porcelain Plate
CER-1135- 10" Dia. Porcelain Plate
CER-1202- 10.75" Dia. 3-Compartment Porcelain Plate
CER-1138- 1.5 qt. 2-Compartment Oval Porcelain Bowl
CER-1713- 14.5" Dia. Porcelain Bowl
CER-1714- 24 oz. Footed Porcelain Bowl
CER-1136- 1.5 qt. Oval Porcelain Bowl
CER-1209- 16 oz. Porcelain Bowl
CER-1142- 1.5 qt. Porcelain Bowl
CER-1137- 5.5" Dia. Porcelain Bowl
CER-1724- 1.7 qt. 2-Compartment Porcelain Bowl
CER-1200- 2 qt. Square Porcelain Bowl
CER-1195- 11" Square Porcelain Cake Stand
CER-1723- 18.5" x 13" Oval Porcelain Platter
CER-2251- 10 oz. (12 oz. rim-full), 4.75" Square Porcelain Bowl
CER-2252- 1.8 qt. (2 qt. rim-full), 9" Square Porcelain Bowl
CER-2253- 3.8 qt. (4 qt. rim-full), 11.25" Square Porcelain Bowl
CER-1196- 11" Dia. Porcelain Cake Stand
CER-1150- 14" x 3" Oblong Porcelain Cracker Tray
CER-1721- 10.5" Dia. Round Bowl
CER-1401- 15.25" Dia. Porcelain Plate
CER-1400- 11" Square Porcelain Plate