About the Collection


  • Commercial Dishwasher Safe
  • Break-Resistant
HI-2006- 10 qt. Bowl
HI-2019- 6" Round Plate
HI-2001- 8" Round Plate
HI-2004- 1.5 qt. Bowl
HI-2007- Screw-On Pedestal for HI-2005, HI-2009, HI-2010 and HI-2011, 3.25" tall
HI-2012- Square Dome Cover for HI-2009, 6.5" tall
HI-2013- Round Dome Cover for HI-2010, 6.5" tall
HI-2002- 8" Round Plate
HI-2009- 12" Square Plate
HI-2010- 13" Round Plate

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