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About the Collection

Stylish servingware in a range of sizes from ramekins to dinnerware and display-sized pieces for all operational needs.


  • Commercial Dishwasher Safe
C9000A36-BW 1.1 qt. Cascading Bowl
C9000A-BW Set of 3 Cascading Bowls
CD-2100 2 qt. Ceramic Oval Bowl
CD-2101 4.5 qt. Ceramic Oval Bowl
CD-1101 12" x 8" Rectangular Platter
CD-1100 15.25" x 7.625" Rectangular Platter
CD-2200 15.75" Round Platter
CD-3047 22.5" x 10.75" Rectangular Platter
CD-3059 2 oz. Ramekin
CD-2004 16 oz. Ramekins
CD-3031 2 oz. Ramekins
CD-3045 2.8 qt. Round Bowl
CD-3022 2.8 qt. Round Bowl
CD-3040 7.5" Square Plate
CD-3041 10" Square Plate
CD-3042 12" Square Plate
CD-3030 8" x 8" x 8" Triangle Plate
CD-1123 3 Compartment deep well tray

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