Brasilia™ Brasilia™ Brasilia™

About the Collection

Brilliant Brasilia™ displayware sets the table for fun in the sun (or fun anywhere!). Bowls in juxtaposing shapes like square, cascade and flared add texture to presentations and capture guests attention. You’ll have a two-tone army on your tabletop with eye-catching blue, orange or green interiors counterbalanced with black exteriors for an elegance yet laid-back display.


  • 100% BPA Free
  • Break-Resistant Melamine
  • Commercial Dishwasher Safe
  • Bold & Vibrant
B-788- 16 oz. Cascading Bowl
B-792- 24 oz. Cascading Bowl
B-789- 1.1 qt. Cascading Bowl
B-790- 1.9 qt. Cascading Bowl
ML-219- 1.9 qt., 8.13" x 11.5" Flare Bowl
ML-220- 4 qt., 10.5" x 16.25" Flare Bowl
B-797- 1.1 qt. Oval Cascading Bowl
B-798- 2.5 qt. Oval Cascading Bowl
ML-247- 2.5 qt., 10" Square Bowl
ML-248- 5.7 qt., 12" Square Bowl
ML-249- 12.8 qt., 16" Square Bowl

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