Arctic Mill

About the Collection

Like the sun reflecting off a fresh blanket of pillowy snow, Arctic Mill shines with a bright lustrous white, a slightly uneven surface one would expect to find in such snowfall and soothing organic shapes. Create crisp presentations using the brilliant white to offset colorful dishes on nearly any menu. And enjoy the cost savings of 10%-20% annual replacement rate compared to 50%-150% for most porcelain.


  • NSF Certified
  • 100% BPA Free
  • Break-Resistant Melamine
  • Commercial Dishwasher Safe
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor service
  • Uneven surface and soothing organic shapes
  • Bright lustrous white like sun shining on fresh snow
B-8-AM-W 8 oz. (12 oz. rim-full) Irregular Bowl
B-18-AM-W 16 oz. (20 oz. rim-full) Irregular Bowl 1.75''
B-22-AM-W 22 oz. (24 oz. rim-full) Irregular Bowl
B-43-AM-W 28 oz. (30 oz. rim-full) Irregular Bowl
B-42-AM-W 1.3 qt. (1.4 qt. rim-full) Irregular Bowl
B-792-AM-W 24 oz. Irregular Cascading Melamine Entree Bowl
CS-117-AM-W 12" x 7.5" Irregular Rectangular Platter
CS-7-AM-W 7" Irregular Round Coupe Plate
CS-9-AM-W 9" Irregular Round Coupe Plate
CS-10-AM-W 10.5" Irregular Round Coupe Plate
B-5-AM-W 5 oz. Melamine Monkey Dish
SB-14-AM-W 14 oz. Square Melamine Soup, Salad, or Pasta Nappie Bowl
SB-48-AM-W 1.5 qt. Large Square Melamine Entree Salad Bowl, Pasta Bowl
SCS-6-AM-W 6" Small Square Bread, Side Dish Melamine Plate
SCS-9-AM-W 9.5" Square Melamine Dinner Plate
B-3-AM-W 3 oz. Melamine Ramekin
CS-5-AM-W 5.5" Small Round Bread, Side Dish Melamine Plate, G.E.T. Arctic Mill
SB-5-AM-W 5 oz. Small Square Melamine Monkey Dish, Side Bowl

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