Arctic Mill

About the Collection

Like the sun reflecting off a fresh blanket of pillowy snow, Arctic Mill shines with a bright lustrous white, slightly uneven surface texture and soothing organic shapes. Create crisp presentations using the brilliant white to offset colorful dishes on nearly any menu.


  • NSF Certified
  • 100% BPA Free
  • Break-Resistant Melamine
  • Commercial Dishwasher Safe
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor service
  • Uneven surface and soothing organic shapes
  • Bright lustrous white like sun shining on fresh snow
B-8-AM-W 8 oz. (12 oz. rim-full) Irregular Bowl
B-18-AM-W 16 oz. (20 oz. rim-full) Irregular Bowl 1.75''
B-22-AM-W 22 oz. (24 oz. rim-full) Irregular Bowl
B-43-AM-W 28 oz. (30 oz. rim-full) Irregular Bowl
B-42-AM-W 1.3 qt. (1.4 qt. rim-full) Irregular Bowl
B-792-AM-W 24 oz. Irregular Cascading Melamine Entree Bowl
CS-117-AM-W 12" x 7.5" Irregular Rectangular Platter
CS-7-AM-W 7" Irregular Round Coupe Plate
CS-9-AM-W 9" Irregular Round Coupe Plate
CS-10-AM-W 10.5" Irregular Round Coupe Plate
B-5-AM-W 5 oz. Melamine Monkey Dish
SB-14-AM-W 14 oz. Square Melamine Soup, Salad, or Pasta Nappie Bowl
SB-48-AM-W 1.5 qt. Large Square Melamine Entree Salad Bowl, Pasta Bowl
SCS-6-AM-W 6" Small Square Bread, Side Dish Melamine Plate
SCS-9-AM-W 9.5" Square Melamine Dinner Plate
B-3-AM-W 3 oz. Melamine Ramekin
CS-5-AM-W 5.5" Small Round Bread, Side Dish Melamine Plate, G.E.T. Arctic Mill
SB-5-AM-W 5 oz. Small Square Melamine Monkey Dish, Side Bowl

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