Pampa Bay™ Monaco™


  • Commercial Dishwasher Safe
  • Win Every First Impression with Sophisticated Lobby Ambiance
  • Titanium Plated High-Fired Porcelain Serving Pieces
  • Look of Metal with the Convenience of Porcelain
CER-1138- 1.5 qt. 2-Compartment Oval Porcelain Bowl
CER-1136- 1.5 qt. Oval Porcelain Bowl
CER-1137- 5.5" Dia. Porcelain Bowl
CER-1140- 14" x 9" Oblong Porcelain Platter
CER-1150- 14" x 3" Oblong Porcelain Cracker Tray
CER-1142- 1.5 qt. Porcelain Bowl
CER-1135- 10" Dia. Porcelain Plate