Bugambilia® Classic Bugambilia® Classic Bugambilia® Classic Bugambilia® Classic Bugambilia® Classic Bugambilia® Classic Bugambilia® Classic Bugambilia® Classic Bugambilia® Classic Bugambilia® Classic Bugambilia® Classic Bugambilia® Classic Bugambilia® Classic Bugambilia® Classic Bugambilia® Classic Bugambilia® Classic


  • Commercial Dishwasher Safe
  • Hand-crafted Resin-coated Aluminum
  • Unique Resin Adhesion Process
  • Unrivaled Durability and Resistance to Bubbling, Peeling, Abrasions, and Tarnishing
  • Excellent for Maintaining Safe Serving Temperatures for Extended Periods of Time
BT031 6.9 qt. Boat
BT319 6.9 qt. Boat
GB001 5 oz. Gravy Boat
GB002 6 oz. Gravy Boat
GB003 10.25 oz. Gravy Boat
BT320 3.6 qt. Boat with Divisions
T103 7.61 oz. Small Rice Bowl
BOD02 1.2 qt. Oval Bowl
BOD03 1.8 qt. Oval Bowl
TFRD23 2.5 qt. M Deep Miami Round Bowl
TFUL04 4.2 qt. L Rectangular Fruit Bowl
TFOD04 5.8 qt. Large Deep Oval Bowl
TFRD21 5" x 3" X Small Deep Miami Round Bowl
TFRD22 7" x 4.5" Small Deep Miami Round Bowl
TFRD24 10" x 6" L Deep Round Bowl
BSD21 16.9 oz. XS China Bowl
BSD22 1.2 qt. S China Bowl
BSD23 1.6 qt. M China Bowl
BSD24 3.2 qt. L China Bowl
BSD25 4.3 qt. XL China Bowl
BSD26 5.8 qt. XXL China Bowl
CRD02 5 oz. Small Round Condiment Bowl
CRD03 8.45 oz. M Round Condiment Bowl
CRD04 11.84 oz. L Round Condiment Bowl
CR001 13.5 oz. S Canoe
FRD31 20.29 oz. XS Deep Texas Round Bowl
FRD32 2.1 qt. S Deep Texas Round Bowl
FRD33 3.2 qt. M Deep Texas Round Bowl
FRD34 4.2 qt. L Deep Texas Round Bowl
FRD35 7.4 qt. XL Deep Texas Round Bowl
FRD25 11.6 qt. XXL Deep Texas Round Bowl
BRD22 2.4 qt. S Italian Bowl
BRD23 4 qt. M Italian Bowl
FOD03 2.6 qt. Medium Deep Oval Bowl
FOD04 5.8 qt. Large Deep Oval Bowl
FO000 2.75 oz. Oval Fruit Bowl
FO001 25.3 oz. XS Oval Fruit Bowl
FO002 2.1 qt. S Oval Fruit Bowl
FO003 3.4 qt. M Oval Fruit Bowl
FO004 5.8 qt. L Oval Fruit Bowl
BO203 23.67 oz. M Oval Sphere
BO204 1.4 qt. L Oval Sphere
FU002 20.2 oz. S Rectangular Fruit Bowl
FU003 1.3 qt. M Rectangular Fruit Bowl
FU004 2.1 qt. L Rectangular Fruit Bowl
FU005 3.4 qt. XL Rectangular Fruit Bowl
FU008 3.7 qt. XXL Rectangular Fruit Bowl
FUL02 1.6 qt. S Rectangular Fruit Bowl w/Lip
FUL03 2.1 qt. M Rectangular Fruit Bowl w/Lip
FUL04 4.2 qt. L Rectangular Fruit Bowl w/Lip
BR011 20.3 oz. XS Round Bowl
BR012 1.9 qt. S Round Bowl
BR013 3.4 qt. M Round Bowl
BR014 5.8 qt. L Round Bowl
FRD12 8.45 oz. S Round Concentric Deep Bowl
FRD13 2.7 qt. Med. Round Concentric Deep Bowl
FRD14 4.9 qt. L Round Concentric Deep Bowl
FRD15 8.5 qt. XL Round Concentric Deep Bowl
BRD14 20.29 oz. XS Deep Round Bowl
BRD15 2.4 qt. S Deep Round Bowl
BRD16 4.2 qt. M Deep Round Bowl
BRD17 11.6 qt. L Deep Round Bowl
BRD18 15.9 qt. XL Deep Round Bowl
FRD21 17 oz. XS Deep Miami Round Bowl
FRD22 1.5 qt. S Deep Miami Round Bowl
FRD23 2.5 qt. M Deep Miami Round Bowl
FRD24 3.8 qt. L Deep Miami Round Bowl
FRD36 11.6 qt. XL Deep Miami Round Bowl
BSD11 10.1 oz. XS Deep Square Bowl
BSD01 11.8 oz. Mini Deep Square Bowl
BSD12 25.3 oz. S Deep Square Bowl
BSD13 1.9 qt. M Deep Square Bowl
BSD14 3.2 qt. L Deep Square Bowl
BSD15 5.5 qt. XL Deep Square Bowl
BSD16 13.5 qt. XXL Deep Square Bowl
FSD03 3.7 qt. M Deep Square Bowl
FSD04 5 qt. L Deep Square Bowl
FS000 1.2 oz. XXS Square Fruit Bowl
FS001 2.7 oz. XS Square Fruit Bowl
FS002 11.7 oz. S Square Fruit Bowl
FS003 1.7 qt. M Square Fruit Bowl
FS004 3.2 qt. L Square Fruit Bowl
FS008 10.6 qt. XX L Square Fruit Bowl
PUD03 3.2 qt. M Rectangular Casserole
PUD04 5.8 qt. L Deep Rectangular Casserole
CZ001 7.4 oz. Mexican Cazuela #1
CZ002 1.6 qt. Mexican Cazuela #2
SC002 10.1 oz. S Ceviche Shell Plate
SC003 13.5 oz. M Ceviche Shell Plate
SC004 4.2 qt. L Ceviche Shell Plate
DU002 13.5" x 8" Small Rectangular Disc
DR001 12" X Small Round Disc
DR201 12.2" X Small Round Disc with Rim
DR002 14.25" Small Round Disc
DR202 14.4" Small Round Disc with Rim
DR203 15.7" Medium Round Disc with Rim
DR003 15.75" Medium Round Disc
DR204 17.7" Large Round Disc with Rim
DR004 17.75" Large Round Disc
DR205 20" XL Large Round Disc with Rim
DR005 23.7" X Large Round Disc
DR206 23.9" XX Large Round Disc with Rim
DR006 30" XX Large Round Disc
DS102 13.8" Small Square Disc
DS202 13.8" S Square Disc with Rim
DS103 15.7" Medium Square Disc
DS203 15.7" M Square Disc with Rim
DS104 17.7" Large Square Disc
DS204 17.7" L Square Disc with Rim
DT102 13.5" S Triangular Disc
DT103 15.75" M Triangular Disc
DT104 17.5" L Triangular Disc
DT105 21" XL Triangular Disc
PHT07 1.6 qt. XXL Fish Platter
PHT05 8.45 oz. L Fish Platter
PHT06 23.67 oz. XL Fish Platter
PO013 1.1 qt. Single Fish Oval Platter
PO014 1.6 qt. Double Fish Oval Platter
IBR03 1.8 qt., M Round Ice Bucket
IB015 6.3 qt., XL Oval Ice Bucket
PHP02 19.7" x 9" S Palm Platter
PHP04 29.41" x 13.66" M Palm Platter
PHP06 37.6" x 16.9" XL Palm Platter
MJS01 6.8 oz. XS Molcajete
MJS02 18.6 oz. S Molcajete
MJS06 30.5 oz. Molcajete & Spoon Set
MJS04 1.3 qt. L Molcajete
MJS05 2.9 qt. XL Molcajete
PO002 25.3 oz. S Oval Platter
PO023 2.1 qt. M Wide Oval Platter
PO303 2.6 qt. Oval Platter
PA003 1.3 qt. M Paellera
PA004 2.1 qt. L Paellera
PA005 3.3 qt. XL Paellera
SC173 25.3 oz. M Shell Plate
SC174 3.7 qt. L Shell Plate
SC075 10.6 qt. XXL Shell Plate
PO003 4.6 qt. M Oval Platter
PO004 5.3 qt. L Oval Platter
DT201 6" x 6" Triangle Buffet Platter
DU001 10.2" x 6.2" X Small Rectangular Disc, 0.5" Deep
PU000 5.07 oz. XS Gourmet Platter
PU001 13.5 oz. S Gourmet Platter
PU002 20.2 oz. M Gourmet Platter
PU003 1.8 qt. L Gourmet Platter
PUD02 1.1 qt. S Rectangular Platter
PU043 1.5 qt. Rectangle Platter
PU044 3.3 qt. Rectangle Platter
PU045 9.5 qt. Rectangle Platter
PU042 14" x 10" Rectangle Platter
BUD11 11.84 oz. XS Deep Rectangular Platter
BUD14 5.5 qt. L Deep Rectangular Platter
BUD12 14.7" x 5.9" S Deep Rectangular Platter
BUD13 19.7" x 8.1" M Deep Rectangular Platter
PU023 13.5" x 11" M Rectangular Thai Platter
PU024 19" x 14.25" L Rectangular Thai Platter
PU026 29.5" x 19.75" XXL Rectangular Thai Platter
PT001 8.4 oz. XS Triangular Platter
PT002 16.9 oz. S Triangular Platter
PT004 1.3 qt. L Triangular Platter
PT005 2.4 qt. XL Triangular Platter
PT003 15" M Triangular Platter
DU201 10.2" x 6.3" XS Rectangular Disc with Rim
DU202 13.6" x 7.9" S Rectangular Disc with Rim
DU004 17.7" x 13.7" Large Rectangular Disc
DU204 17.7" x 13.8" L Rectangular Disc with Rim
DU005 24" x 6" Rectangular Disc
TU002 16.3" x 10" Small Rectangular Tray w/ Handles
TU013 18.75" x 14.5" Medium Rectangular Tray no Handles
TU003 20" x 12.5" Medium Rectangular Tray w/ Handles
TU014 23.5" x 16.2" Large Rectangular Tray no Handles
TU004 24" x 16.5" Large Rectangular Tray w/ Handles
TU005 29.5" x 22.5" X Large Rectangular Tray w/ Handles
PR002 16.9 oz. S Round Platter
PR003 1.3 qt. M Round Platter M
PR004 3.2 qt. L Round Platter
PR005 4.8 qt. XL Round Platter
BS303 10 oz. 4 Division Condiment w/o handle
BS302 20.2 oz. 3 Division Condiment Bowl
FRD41 10.14 oz. XS Sphere
FRD42 20.29 oz. S Sphere
FRD43 1.2 qt. M Sphere
FRD44 2.1 qt. L Sphere
FRD45 4.8 qt. XL Sphere
FRS41 12.7 oz. XS Shallow Sphere Bowl
FRS42 25.4 oz. S Shallow Sphere Bowl
FRS43 1.7 qt. M Shallow Sphere Bowl
FRS44 3.7 qt. L Shallow Sphere Bowl
FRS45 5.9 qt. XL Shallow Sphere Bowl
PS001 6.7" XS Square Flat Platter
PS002 9.6" S Square Flat Platter
PS003 12.5" M Square Flat Platter
PS005 17.7" XL Square Flat Platter
PS041 16.91 oz. Square Platter
PS042 1.3 qt. Square Platter
PS043 1.4 qt. Square Platte
PS044 2.5 qt. Square Platter
PS004 15" L Square Platter
ST003 21.2" x 16.7" Step Display - Straight
ST013 26" x 16.3" Step Display - Left
ST014 26" x 16.3" Step Display - Right
FRW02 25.3 oz. S Wok
FRW03 1.9 qt. M Wok
FRW04 3.7 qt. L Wok
FRW05 7.7 qt. XL Wok
MJ601 10.1 oz. 4 Division Condiment with handle
MAK03 5.07 oz. X Small Rice Bowl
RS001 6.76 oz. Mini Square Ramekin
MAD06 8.45 oz. Medium Rice Bowl
MJ602 10.14 oz. 5 Division Condiment
FRW12 3.7 qt. S Deep Wok
PU304 3.7 qt. Octagonal Tray
FRW13 9.4 qt. M Deep Wok
FRW14 15.3 qt. L Deep Wok
FRW15 22.4 qt. XL Deep Wok
PM401 11.4" x 8.1" XS Quarter Moon Platter
PM402 13.4" x 9.4" S Quarter Moon Platter
PM404 17.3" x 12.5" L Quarter Moon Platter
PM405 19.3" x 13.4" XL Quarter Moon Platter
MAK02 3.94" x 1.57" Kasandi Dish
ST023 30.3" x 17.3" Kidney Display